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Injector Septa

Injector Septa

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Premium Septa for GC Injectors:
Sizes:  9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 11.5mm, 12.7mm, 17mm, Shimadzu design


Septa BTO®

Septa BTO

  • Extended temperature range, low-bleed
  • Maximum temperature 400OC
  • Virtually eliminates injection-port sticking
  • Pre-conditioned; packaged in glass to prevent contamination
  • Each batch GC-FID tested
  • Ideal for use with low-bleed, “Mass Spec” capillary columns


Advanced Green™

Advanced green septa

  • True low-bleed, high temperature green septum
  • Maximum temperature 400°C


Marathon™ Septa

Marathon Septa

  • Excellent Performance with Long Injection Life
  • Outstanding lifetime
  • Premium septum for autosamplers
  • Virtually eliminates injection-port sticking
  • CenterGuide™ Marathon are pre-pierced for extremely reliable performance
  • Up to 400 injections per septum
  • Maximum temperature setting 400°C


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