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About Us

About Us

Chromatopak as a company is in a business exclusively dedicated to chromatography and in particular, the consumables, accessories and spares that go with a Liquid Chromatograph (LC) or a Gas Chromatograph (GC).Our major areas of expertise is of course the chromatography column…but we are a one-stop for almost any accessory that you would need right from conception of an analytical method upto the final chromatograpy run.

To make these products and services available to you in a reasonable time-frame we have distribution agreements with companies whose brands are household names for chromatographers around the world. The chromatography products we offer are held in high esteem not only for their precision and accuracy but the manufacturers that produce these brands are recognized and respected as companies who are willing to research their products and with time, introduce innovations into their product lines.

We also offer our very own Peerless brand of chromatography products..The Peerless range of HPLC Columns, HPLC Column Washing Pump, Syringe Filters, Gas Generators, Gas Purification & Control Stations to enhance our chromatography products offering. We have been assessed by NSIC-CRISIL for performance capability and financial strength and have been awarded a rating of SE 2B

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