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HPLC Column Protection

HPLC Column Protection

Guards and Filters to Protect Your Analytical Column

To extend the lifetime and performance of your analytical and preparative columns, we recommend that they be protected from contamination by sample and solvent debris and interferences from the sample matrix. The most cost-effective and efficient way of trapping these unwanted system components is by use of filter or packed guards. Column performance should not be affected by adding a guard or filter unit to the HPLC system.


  • SS Inlet Filter
  • PEEK Bottom of the Bottom Solvent Filters
  • SS Inline Filter

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Drop-in Guard Cartridges

Drop-in guard cartridges and holders offer convenience, economy and effective protection for extending analytical column lifetimes.

Drop-in guard cartridges are available in all popular stationary phases, as well as other phases. Once contaminated, they should be disposed off and replaced with a new cartridge rather than performing a clean up. This ensures that your analytical column will perform at its optimum level and remain free from contamination.


  • Drop-in Guard Cartridges

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