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Thermo Scientific

Thermo Scientific

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Legacy series

Hypersil™ ODS

  • Excellent Reproducibility
  • Very robust and rugged
  • Long column lifetimes
  • Wide range of chemistries and
  • particle sizes
  • Economical, general purpose columns
  • Hypersil ODS, MOS, CPS, Phenyl


Hypersil™ BDS

  • Base deactivated Silica
  • Excellent reproducibility
  • Reduced Tailing
  • Very robust and rugged
  • Long column lifetimes
  • Excellent peak symmetry for acidic and basic compounds



  • Hypurity™ C18
  • Hypurity™C8
  • Hypurity™ CN
  • Hypurity™ Advance
  • Hypurity™ Aquastar





Premium HPLC Columns

Hypersil™ Gold

  • Hypersil™ GOLD (C18)
  • Hypersil™  GOLD C8
  • Hypersil™ GOLD C4
  • Hypersil™  GOLD aQ
  • Hypersil™ GOLD Phenyl
  • Hypersil™ GOLD Amino
  • Hypersil™ GOLD AX
  • Hypersil™ GOLD SAX
  • Hypersil™ GOLD Silica
  • Hypersil™ GOLD HILIC
  • Hypersil™ GOLD CN
  • Hypersil™ GOLD PFP



  • A unique stationary phase
  • Porous graphite Carbon
  • pH compatibility 1- 12
  • Excellent for polar compounds


BioBasic™ (Biobasic and BioBasic SEC)

  • 300 °A silica
  • The answer for separating Biomolecules


New Generation HPLC Columns


  • Core enhanced Technology
  • 2.6 μm superficially porous tightly controlled particles
  • Higher throughput – Faster analyses
  • Low solvent consumption
  • Equivalent Performance to Sub-2μm with Lower Back Pressure



  • Consistent predictable separations, column after column, time after time
  • Highly pure, high surface area silica
  • Dense bonding and double end-capping
  • Stringent manufacturing and testing protocols.

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