Reglo Analog/ Digital

Features Unique to ISMATEC® pumps      
  • Convex rollers and concave tube- bed:
    • Treats the liquid gently (e.g. living cells)
    • Improves the delivery stability
    • Increases the repeatability
    • Guarantees optimum tube centering
    • The tube is progressively closed starting from the center outwards


  •  Changing the tube within 5 seconds:
    • The Flowmaster pump-head with flow rates up to 13 l/min
    • Disassembling the pump-head in less than 1 minute

  •  Carrying out programs independently of a PC:
    • Creates the application profile in the PC (with ProgEdit software)
    • Downloads the file data into the pump memory
    • Disconnect the pump from the PC
    • Carries out your application on the spot, using the pump as a stand-alone unit


  • Unique Coupling system:
    • The MCP and BVP drives enable the user to mount a wide range of different pump-heads
    • The pump-heads are interchangeable within seconds without using a tool
    • More than 14 peristaltic pump-heads are available (1 with PTFE tubing)
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